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How to Make Your Own Phone Case?

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The mobile phone has become an increasingly important device in our daily lives. Currently it accompanies us everywhere and is used throughout the day without stopping.

There are a large number of models on the market, in a very diverse price range. By using it frequently and in all kinds of situations, there is always a risk that it may fall, with the possibility of breaking the screen or worse.

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Surely on some occasion you have had some kind of incident with your mobile, and to avoid it, it is advisable to resort to mobile covers. These cases allow you to keep it protected for all these types of situations. If you are one of the people who likes to change the mobile cover from time to time or give a more personalized touch to those that are on the market, we are going to explain how to make your own mobile cover.

Ideas to create your own mobile cover

Next we are going to explain different ideas that can help you to know how to make your own mobile phone case, so that you can have a much more personalized appearance in the protective case of your mobile phone, some easy crafts to carry out.

Decoration with markers

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your new phone case, the best thing you can do is buy a basic case that is made of transparent silicone or a hard plastic that has some kind of neutral color.

Once you have done with it, you can decorate it with permanent markers. In this way you can get to make any design you can imagine. Your creativity will be the limit for it.

Marble style cover

This way of decorating is increasingly used. It is a very simple craft that can give you a perfect finish.

To do this you just have to take a container that is quite large and place a little water in it. Then you must pour on it drops of nail polish of different colors.

Once done you must move with a toothpick to get the colors to mix with each other. Once this is done, it is time for you to introduce the phone case and you will already have a design that can be very interesting for your mobile phone case.

enamel decoration

To decorate the phone case with nail polish, you can use different types of designs, either by brushing, with drops, making dots… or any other way you can imagine. This way you can create very creative and interesting designs on your cover.

Thus, in addition to having a mobile phone case that protects it against possible falls and scratches, it will also help you to have a good design.

Colored glitter

A design that you can also resort to is the use of glitter, that is, glitter. To do this, you just have to choose the glitter of the colors that you like the most and, with the help of white glue that you will place on the casing, it will be enough to sprinkle the glitter.

You want to make sure it dries well and protects the surface while letting it dry perfectly.  Once it is completely dry, it will be time for you to use it without any problem.

Photo transfer

Another option that you can use to learn how to make your own personalized mobile phone case is to resort to photo transfer. To do this, you just have to cut out an image, from a magazine, paper or any other medium and place it in a mobile phone case, so that you can achieve a great result.

Washing tape

The washi tape is a way to create a personalized design that can also be very interesting. To do this you must choose tapes of different colors and shapes. You can find them with dots, solids, stripes…, and you just have to stick them on the cover.

In this way you can get covers with very creative and interesting designs, being a very simple and economical solution. If you have a very old cover and you want to give it a second life without spending money on a new one, you can do it this way, achieving a result that can be very good.

Use of LEGO parts

The well-known LEGO pieces are not only for building. Throwing a little creativity, you can get mobile covers decorated with Lego pieces. To do this, it will be enough to choose a cover of some basic color that you like, be it green, yellow, white, blue, red…, and then stick the LEGO pieces that you like the most on it.

Silicone case

If you have skill with crafts, a cover that you can create by yourself is to resort to the use of silicone. To do this you can make your own mobile case in the shape you want.

For this you will only need silicone and colored paint. You mix it with a stick and knead it to make a paste with cornstarch. From it you can create all kinds of designs.

Spray paint

If you want a personalized cover without getting too complicated, you can also use spray paint. To do this you just have to take a basic cover on which to place a little adhesive tape according to the shape you want.

In this way, you will only have to paint with your favorite spray paint over the casing, leaving unpainted what is protected by the adhesive tape itself. In this way you can create all kinds of designs, with any shape that interests you.

These are just some of the many methods that exist for you to make your own personalized phone case, so that you can distinguish your design from what you can find on the market.

This way you can make your mobile phone protective case stand out and stand out from the rest. Crafts are a good way to be able to have a nice case at a minimum price.

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