How to Make Soy Candles?

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Knowing how to make candles is really useful to be able to decorate or give atmosphere to your home without having to depend on those sold in establishments, thus being able to give them your special touch both in their aroma and components as well as in their shape and appearance. After having told you how to make paraffin candles or how to make gel candles, among others, now it’s time to explain how to make soy candles step by step.

Scented soy wax candles are candles that have a large number of associated advantages, starting with the fact that they are plant-based and 100% natural. Soy wax is an inexpensive product that will mean you don’t have to invest a lot of money to make them; and also, when burned, they produce less soot and do not emit toxic gases.

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For all these reasons, more and more people are deciding to make their candles using soy wax. If you want to be one of them, you only have to follow the steps that we are going to indicate, in addition to taking into account the following recommendations and considerations.

Scented soy candles

When making homemade soy candles, it is common to opt for the use of a wax that has a low melting point, which is the one that is most easily found on the market. It is a plant-based wax that does not burn and is easy to melt, making it ideal for making massage candles.

With this type of wax, it is also possible to make aromatic soy candles, having to make them in a container as they do not have enough hardness and consistency to be able to create figures with them.

Scented soy candles are very easy to make, so you will not need previous experience in their manufacture. You just have to follow the instructions that we are going to give you and in a matter of minutes you will be able to make them yourself. One of its great advantages is that you can choose the container you prefer to give it the shape you prefer; and you can also perfume it as you want, using your favorite aroma.

To aromatize them and to achieve a totally natural result, it is preferable to opt for the use of essential oils; and also this will allow us to create candles that have aromatherapy properties, thus getting to enjoy their benefits.

In any case, keep in mind that you should not overdo it when choosing the amount of essential oil that is added; and it is that if you add too much it will not integrate properly into the wax and stains or lumps will remain. The recommendation is to incorporate around 0.5%.

Regarding the amount of soy wax you need will depend on the capacity of the container to use. So that you can make an estimate, you will need 85 grams of soy wax for a capacity of 100 ml. From there you can do your calculations to know the amount you need to make your creations.

Instructions for making soy candles

If you want to know how to make soy candles, you must follow the following steps, very simple to carry out:

  1. The first step in making soy candles is to weigh the wax and melt it over low heat. Depending on the container you are going to use, you will have to melt one amount or another of wax. It is advisable that you calculate it and that you always choose because it is better to have a little left over, since when it comes to making it, some of it will remain both in the pot and in the container and other steps of the preparation.
  2. At the same time that the wax melts, it will be time to pass the wick through the eyelet, and then cut the wick a little longer. You must prepare the wicks that you are going to use, holding them with a pliers so that they do not separate. Using a bit of hot silicone, you will have to stick the eyelet in the center of the base of the container.
  3. When the wax is melted, it will be time to transfer it to a disposable container, which will make it easier to work with. Wait for the temperature to drop a bit to add the desired essential oil. It is important to wait for the temperature to drop to prevent this oil from being affected by excess heat; and therefore, prevent it from losing its aroma and properties.
  4. Then it will be time to mix the essential oil with a spatula, making it integrate well with the wax and fill the containers. When doing the process, be careful to prevent the wick from becoming damaged.
  5. Let cool completely in a place where there are no sudden changes in temperature and no drafts. When they are cold and solid you can remove the sticks that hold the wick and you can cut the excess. This way you will have finished making your soy candles.

What do you need to make soy candles?

To make aromatic soy candles you will need the following materials:

  • soy wax
  • Essential oil
  • candle holder
  • candle wick

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