How to Make Recycled Oil Candles with Children

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There are many people who are lovers of candles, and they are very present in their homes, an object that can be easily found in a large number and variety of shops. However, you should know that you can easily create your own homemade candles, something that is much simpler than you might think; and that even allows the smallest of the house to be part of this creation.

If you are looking for something to entertain yourself with and/or you are looking for crafts for children, we are going to explain what you should know if you are interested in knowing how to make reused oil candles with children. This activity can become very entertaining and, like any craft, it will help the little ones to get drunk on all the mysticism and spirituality always linked to fire. In addition, it will also help you to illuminate in the dark when you need it.

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It is a perfect craft for all those boys and girls who like experiments, since in this way they will be able to collaborate in making a candle, with which they will later be able to enjoy the flame.

These candles are made with a vegetable-based wax and reused oil. The melting point of wax is low, below 70 degrees Celsius, so this helps make it a safer procedure than you might initially think. The reason is that due to this temperature, burns are less likely to occur, although in any case, great care must be taken in the case of children, especially in the case of very young ones.

It is always possible to take into account the melting points and the states through which the candle can pass taking into account the temperature. In fact, this craft is also educational, since you can teach children both aspects and they themselves will be able to see both how it changes during its preparation and later when they light it and watch how the candle burns.

Beyond all this, you have to keep in mind that when doing this craft, you are reusing the oil and the glass jars. This means that it is a way of giving them a second life and putting your grain of sand in caring for the environment; and these are values ​​that must be instilled in children from an early age.

Instructions for making reused oil candles with children

If you are interested in knowing how to make reused oil candles with children, you must follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you should, if you have decided to use it, take a handful of cloves and put them in oil a couple of days before making the candles, leaving it to macerate.
  2. The next step is to heat the wax in a saucepan, checking the temperature with a thermometer so that it reaches melting.
  3. Next you will have to proceed to add the oil. However, if you prefer, you can mix the oil and wax from the beginning. In this case, by adding the oil you will be able to solidify the wax a little when it is cold.
  4. Then you must add the essential oils or spices that you want to use to give it aroma.
  5. Then prepare both the jars in which the candles and the wicks are going to go, being able to resort to using a toothpick to hold the cord that will act as a wick.
  6. Finally, you will only have to fill and let it cool. When they have solidified you can light the wick and enjoy your candle.

What do you need to make reused oil candles with children?

To make four candles of about 150 ml each, you will need the following materials:

  • A glass with approximately 250 ml of used oil (one or two uses is enough).
  • A 250 ml glass of vegetable-based wax for candle making.
  • A braided cotton cord (wick)
  • Small glass jars, or yogurt cups
  • wick holder
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • dried herbs (optional)
  • Decorative flowers (optional)
  • A handful of cloves to eliminate the fried smell of the oil (optional).

Tips for making reused oil candles with children

If you are determined to create your own reused oil candles with children, you should take into account the following tips:

  • Wax is difficult to remove, so it is advisable to let it cool and, when it is cool, proceed to scrape it off.
  • When you are going to use the candles, make sure that children are always under adult supervision, so as to avoid a possible accident.
  • It is preferable to opt for jars to place the candles, since it is safer to avoid possible burns.
  • So that the aroma of the candle can be truly trickster, it is advisable that you add enough amount of essential oils. It is an optional ingredient, but it will always be a pleasure to breathe a good aroma.
  • If you wish, you can decorate the candles with seeds and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, anise or even orange or lemon peel, among others.

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