How to Make Jumping Paper Frogs for Kids?

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Origami for children is one of the most interesting activities for the little ones at home. By making paper pacifiers, a paper windmill, or other similar crafts, children can benefit from all of its advantages.

Origami is a practice that is highly recommended for children, since in addition to being a very flexible and simple activity, it helps them stimulate their creative development.

This time we are going to explain how to make paper frogs for children, an activity that will allow them to grow in creativity while they learn by playing. Keep reading and you will be able to know the way in which you can do them.

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Instructions for making jumping paper frogs for children

How to make a jumping paper frog?

If you want to know how to make a jumping paper frog, you can do it easily and quickly. Despite what you may think, for its creation you do not need any type of spring or spring, since being origami, just by folding and folding the paper on itself you will generate a mechanism that will allow your frog to jump.

For its creation you only need square paper and markers and invest between 5-10 minutes of time.

  1. To begin with, you must extend the paper on the mesa, and then fold the upper right corner diagonally so that the tip of the corner is aligned with the opposite side of the paper. Next you must press on the fold with your fingers so that a fold can be created and then you must unfold it.
  2. Then you have to do the same with the top left corner. This way you will have created the crease making an “X” shape.
  3. Then you must fold the paper that is on the table so that the bottom edge is facing you. Fold the top half to match the top bottom corners. After pressing with your finger, you must unfold. Having a new crease will make it cross the middle of the X.
  4. Next you must place the paper on the table, making the bottom edge in front of you. Place the dice on the folds making the square turn into a triangular shape with two sides. To make it easier to fold them in, you can fold the horizontal crease again, but in the opposite direction.
  5. When you have the triangle, you should place it on the table, placing the longest edge in front of you. The long edge of it has to be divided into four, two on each side. Next you need to place the right corner of the top and fold it to the top. The corner will have to touch the top point of the triangle, pressing your fingers into the fold.
  6. The next step is to grab the left corner of the top layer of the formed triangle. You will need to make a fold towards the top, so that the point of the corner contacts the top of the triangle. Then you need to press down with your finger and make the appearance of a triangle with a diamond in it.
  7. Taking the base of the triangle for yourself, you must place the right corner of the rhombus, folding it so that the edge is properly aligned by the central part. As in other steps, you must fold it with your fingers.
  8. The next step is to start forming the legs of the jumping frog. You should place the paper at the base of the triangle. The top of will be divided into two sides. So you need to fold the right side to the outside, to the right side of the triangle. This way it is aligned with the right edge of the diamond.
  9. Then you have to press with your fingers and fold the left side towards the outside, so that the edge is aligned with the left edge of the diamond. Then press your fingers into the crease.
  10. Then you must turn the paper over. The bottom of the triangle is facing you, causing the frog to begin to take shape.
  11. The next step is to take the bottom right corner and fold it to the center. Then press the crease and you will have created a rhomboid. You will almost have finished the process.
  12. To continue creating your paper jumping frog you need to fold the right half of the rhomboid outward, making the outer and inner edges line up. You have to press the crease with your fingers and fold the left half of the rhomboid, matching the inner and outer edges. These triangles that you are forming will be the hind legs.
  13. The next step is to fold the frog in half. To do this you have to place the frog so that its hind legs are in front of you and you must fold it in half. There you should press the fold.
  14. Later, once you have the frog folded in half, turn it over. Fold the legs to the top, making the horizontal piece of paper line up with the bottom. Again press the crease.
  15. With all your jumping frog created, you must place it on its hind legs and, by releasing the folds of its central part, it will jump.

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