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How to Make Handmade Earrings

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It is more than likely that on some occasion you have been attracted to knowing how to make handmade earrings, a way to give a different touch to your style and your looks. In this way, the point is to put aside the jewelry in the stores to enjoy giving a more personal touch to your style.

One of the great advantages of this type of women ‘s accessories is that, with very few resources and a minimal financial investment, you can achieve very nice results.

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Being aware that each woman has her own tastes and styles, in this article we are going to explain how to make 5 different types of handmade earrings. In this way you will have a large selection from which you can choose the ones that best suit your style and taste.

Instructions for making handmade earrings


Hoop earrings are probably one of the easiest handmade earrings to make. In addition, you can decorate them in an infinite number of ways, with plastic flowers, with fringes…

To make it you only need silver or gold hard wire, soft wire, jewelry pliers and two earring hooks.

First of all, you must wrap the wire in circles with different sizes, so that when you join all the circumferences, you see a single piece. Then use the soft wire to wrap and pin all the circles together.

Next you must use the pliers to join the folds of hard wire and finally include the earring hook. Use the extra wire to create a small loop for the hook to be attached to. Make sure with the pliers to close possible openings so that the hook does not come out of the ring.

Once the ring is made, you can decorate it in different ways according to your tastes and preferences.


If you want to make fringe earrings, it is as simple as taking advantage of some of the fringes that you can find in one of the numerous garments that incorporate them as a decorative element. In this way, you can use a garment that you no longer wear to create your own handmade earrings.

You can find colored fringes on bags, coats, backpacks, bags, t-shirts… In the same way, if you prefer you can make your own fringes, for which you will only need synthetic thread, glue and scissors.

To do this you only need to wind 3 meters of thread on your fingers. Hold it and tie it with more thread, cutting the threads at their opposite ends. Then use another cord and wrap it around the tied part, tie it from behind and fix the knot with glue. To finish, cut the excess with scissors.

Once you have your two fringes ready to use, you have several different options. One of them is to use jewelry caps for earrings and glue the fringes with a contact glue. Then you will use two hooks on each cap and you will have your earrings ready to wear.


If you want to make thread earrings, you can use the colored threads that you like the most. You only need synthetic or cotton thread, scissors, tweezers, felt, contact glue and beads in the form of little books.

The first step for its elaboration is to proceed to wind the thread around an object that has a rectangular shape. The size of the box you use will be the size of the earrings you are creating. For example, you can use a box of matches but if you want them bigger you just have to use a bigger box. Wrap the thread about 80-100 times around it.

When you finish rolling it, it is time to make a cut on one of its sides, keeping the other pressed so that the threads do not move. At that moment you will begin to hold the earrings using the beads in the form of little books. You will first cut a few pieces of felt the size of these and then use the glue to attach each piece of felt to the threads, using one for each earring. With the tweezers it will be easier for you to do the process.

Later you must glue the beads that are shaped like a book with the felts with contact glue. This way you will have your own thread earrings.

Crochet or crochet

To be able to make these earrings you need to know the crochet or crochet technique. If you know how to do it, you will only have to prepare pieces with the shape you want, about 7 centimeters long at most.

Once you have made the two pieces of crochet, you will add a little glue to give them firmness and proceed to join the earring hook with them. To do this, use pliers to tighten the fastening and prevent them from coming out. It is that simple to know how to make handmade crochet earrings.

flamingo with flowers

To finish, we explain how to make handmade flamenco earrings. You can make them in a simple way with artificial or plastic flowers. In addition, you will need scissors, felt, earring rings, and clear glue.

Plastic flowers are very cheap and you can find some of the colors you prefer. Helping yourself with pieces of felt that you cut to size, you will cut them in the shape of a moon, using the glue to join the plastic flowers and the beads.

You must mount two pieces of felt with flowers that are the same size or similar so that both earrings are symmetrical. You will only have to stick them to the earring hoops and you will have your flamenco earrings with flowers.

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