How to Make Fabric Earrings?

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Knowing how to make handmade earrings is something that is very interesting, since, just like knowing how to make recycled bracelets or jewelry with wire, it opens up many possibilities when it comes to finding the ideal accessories and complements for your looks.

There are countless ways to make earrings, with fabric earrings being the ones that are gaining more and more popularity. They are a nice option to find your official looks, being able to use plain fabric, lace or fabric covered buttons, among others. Regardless of the method you prefer, you will be able to make unique and personalized creations. Next we give you the keys so that you know how to make fabric earrings.

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Instructions for making fabric earrings

If you want to know how to make fabric earrings, you should know that there are different ways to make them. We explain some of the most popular.

How to make earrings from leftover fabric?

  1. Take a cardboard and draw a simple shape on it. You can choose triangles, circles, leaves, hearts…, then cut it out with scissors or a craft knife.
  2. Then it’s time to lay the fabric down on an ironing board; and place the double-sided interfacing facedown on top. Then iron it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Next, proceed to cut the fabric into four equal pieces, each one of them having to be slightly larger than the template. Don’t cut them into their final shape yet.
  4. Then take each of the pieces of fabric and remove the backing of the double-sided interfacing. You will now have four pieces of fabric with a front side on one side and the sticky side on the other.
  5. Now fuse two pieces of fabric together. Take two pieces of fabric and place them together, with their front sides facing out. Then place this stack on the ironing board and iron for a few seconds. Repeat the step with the rest of the pieces of fabric to have two pieces of stiff fabric.
  6. The next step is to trace the template on the pieces of fabric. To do this you will have to wait for them to cool down and you will use a pen or chalk.
  7. After doing so, it will be time to cut the earrings with scissors. Cut just inside the lines made so that they are not seen.
  8. Now use a thumbtack to make a hole at the top of each earring. This way you can easily make a hook earring.
  9. Then open an earring hook. Use a needle-nose pliers to pry it open and hook it onto the earring. After sliding the earring hook into the hole made and close the loop. Once these are done, you will have your fabric earrings

How to make fabric earrings with buttons?

In case you want to know how to make fabric earrings with buttons. For this you will have to get an aluminum kit to cover buttons in a textile store, which has to include a tool to cover the buttons or you will not be able to proceed to join them. Once this is done, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Use an included template to trace a circle on the fabric. Most of these types of kits have a template on the back. Use scissors to cut out the template and the pen to trace it onto the fabric. You need one circle for each button.
  2. He then proceeds to cut the circle out of the fabric and then presses the fabric into the tool. Place the large part of the kit that is soft and place the fabric on top.
  3. Then press the button on the tool. When doing this you must make sure that you are placing the button with the curved side down in the tool. Be careful not to move the fabric, in which case you will have to adjust it.
  4. You will then need to tuck the edges of the fabric into the button, holding with your finger so the fabric stays in place.
  5. Now it’s time to place the back of the button on top of the fabric. In some cases of kits, you will find that there are two types of back, one with a stem and the other smooth. In this case, opt for the latter; and if it only comes with a stem inside, use a pair of pliers to remove it
  6. Now make use of the other part of the button panel for the button assembly. To do this, take the smaller plastic part and press it on the back of the button. Make sure the fabric is tucked under and press down hard. When the button joins you will notice it because it will give a small hit.
  7. You will now need to place a dab of glue on the front of an earring post and press it against the back of the button.
  8. Do the above steps with a second earring and wait for both to dry. Once they do, you will have your two stud earrings covered in fabric.

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