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How to Make Crafts with Wool for Children?

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Spending time with the family doing crafts is something that has been lost over the years, but there are still those who bet on this activity. This is very beneficial for the development of children, since it enhances their skills, such as motor skills, imagination and creativity. In addition, it should be noted that they also contribute to promoting their ability to concentrate.

There are many different activities that can be carried out for this purpose, but this time we are going to explain how to make crafts with wool for children, since it is a very versatile and flexible material that allows you to develop skills in knitting, folding, tie knots, etc.

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Crafts with wool

Before showing you different proposals for crafts with wool that you can carry out, it is important that you take into account the excellent properties and characteristics that it has. In fact, for this reason it is one of the most used materials in the textile field.

It is a material that has a great capacity when it comes to absorbing moisture, and that also acts as a great thermal insulator. In addition, it is water repellent, elastic and flexible, being characteristics that make it perfect for carrying out a large number of crafts. In fact, wool can be made into any other shape without breaking.

Being easy to find and manipulate, it is a perfect material to make some simple crafts such as the following:


Wool allows you to create very diverse crafts, being able to make very realistic and original creations. The possibilities in this regard are diverse. To be able to make a flower you will have to use a fork that will allow you to use it as a support to work the wool until you find the shape you want.

First of all, you will have to proceed to create the stem of the flower, for which you will use a wire that is covered with green wool. Yellow wool will come out of its upper part, which will be the flower.

From there you will have to interweave the green wool on top of the yellow until you manage to give it the shape you want; and to conclude you will have to cut the yellow wool to the size you prefer.

One of the advantages of this craft is that you can create a large number of different “flowers” according to the colors of wool you have, and you can even make a bouquet. It is a very simple craft that any child can do without problems.


An even easier craft to make with wool is some colored pompons. You just have to take a fork and wool. First of all you will have to pass a thread of wool through the central part of the fork, and then make a kind of ball of wool tied to the central part.

When you have finished, you will only have to cut its sides with scissors and you will be able to enjoy a pompom effect in your creation.

Colour balls

Another alternative is to create original colored balls. If you are looking for how to make crafts with wool for children that you can use to decorate their own room or other corners of the house, it is one of the most recommended crafts for its simplicity and the good final result that they can have.

To do this, you only need first to inflate some balloons of different sizes and around them you will have to place the colored wool (you can choose a color for each one. You will only have to wrap the wool around the balloon several times.

Then, once you have done it, you will have to apply glue so that the wool remains in the desired shape and, once dry, it is maintained. When it has dried, you will only have to puncture the balloon and you will have your colored ball, very decorative and original.

Heart ornament

If you prefer, you can make a wool heart, which you can use both to decorate the home at any time of the year and to place on the Christmas tree.

To do it you will need a wire, with which you will have to shape the heart. For this case you will have to use a red wool (unless you prefer another color); and you will have to trace wool threads from one side to the other, from the ends, until the entire interior of the heart-shaped wire is covered with threads. Once finished you will have a nice decoration for your home.

Wool covered letter

If you want to know how to make crafts with wool for children, a very interesting option is to make a letter with the initial of your child’s name with wool to hang it on the door of his room or somewhere in it.

To do this, it is as simple as taking a piece of cardboard, on which you will draw and cut out the letter in question. On this basis you will have to cover the letter with the wool threads, being able to combine different colors. Once you finish placing the wool you can decorate it and finally hang it in the place you prefer.

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