How to Make Crafts with Wooden Clothespins?

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When you want to make easy and creative crafts, observe what you have around you and let your imagination fly. What can I do with this? You may not find an answer at the moment, but if it kept spinning in your head, it will surely be because something good will come out at any moment.

If you walk through the park you will surely see fruits, branches, leaves or berries that the trees drop and they will inspire you to make beautiful arrangements combined with other elements.

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And if you are at home you will see many things that can be recycled, that are left over in the kitchen, such as cans and jars or some objects that are used in routine household activities such as clothespins, in especially the wooden ones.

We will see how you can make some crafts with wooden clothespins, we will give you some ideas that will surely expand when you start working or when you see your first finished job.

What do you need to make Crafts with wooden clothespins?

  • Wooden pegs to hang clothes.
  • Empty cans of tuna, beans or pâté.
  • Glue, cardboard, scissors, round mirror.
  • Varnish, decorated adhesive tape.

Instructions to make Crafts with wooden clothespins

  1. Wooden tweezers have kept their shape for many years, although plastic ones appeared on the market, they were never replaced. Perhaps because they last much longer or because neither the sun nor the cold can burn or ruin them as they do with plastic ones, causing them to shatter when we are using them. The truth is that these tweezers have been with us at home for a very long time and, the most remarkable thing is that they never changed their shape or mechanism.
  2. We will see how to make some objects with wooden clothespins, some disassembled and others whole. The first thing we need is to buy these tweezers in any supermarket or store. They usually come in the dozens. Depending on the work you decide to do, you will need 12, 24 or more tweezers.
  3. Planter: For this decorative small planter you don’t even need to disassemble the clamps. You should use approximately 20 tweezers for each one. This will depend on the size of the can you use as a base. This can should be about 5 cm high, no more because the clamps should squeeze the edge of the can and if it is too high the base will be seen and it will be untidy. Place the clamps on the entire edge of the can, surrounding it and securing it with glue so that it is firm and does not move. If you want, you can give it a coat of varnish to protect it and make it look even better. You can also use it as a pencil holder, so it looks great on your desk. If you paint the clothespins with different colors or stick decorated adhesive tapes on them, it will look much more cheerful.
  4. Napkin holder: To make this napkin holder you will need to disassemble the tweezers with a tool, so it is recommended that you ask an adult for help. Although it is very easy to disassemble them, the mechanism is made of metal and has a strong spring which can jump and hurt if not done very carefully. With 27 clothespins it will be enough, you will also need a hard cardboard base and glue, finally varnish to give it a better finish.
  5. Disassemble all the tweezers and glue two halves on their flat parts, that is, you should have 24 armed in this way and you will have 6 halves left over. Then support and stick 3 clips on each side on the base cardboard as shown in the photo. Later, make a semicircle with the tweezers glued on one side and the other, leaving a space between them that will be the place to place the napkins.

Tips for making Crafts with wooden clothespins

  • When you disarm the tweezers you must do it with a tool that allows you to exert force, ask an adult for help to avoid any type of accident.
  • Use your imagination to make new crafts or crafts so that they are original and stand out from those that are common or that everyone does.

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