How to Make Crafts with White Clay?

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Clay is one of the most appropriate materials when it comes to creating figures or other crafts that you want to give a specific shape to.

White clay is ideal for creating all kinds of figures; and it is highly recommended for crafts with children, since in addition to being very easy to mold, it is also easy to work with. Also, it should be emphasized that it can be dried in the air, without having to put it in the oven. That said, we are going to explain the steps to follow to know how to make crafts using white clay.

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Instructions for making crafts with white clay

White clay is a clay that has been created with a water base, so that it is simple that, once it has been purchased, it can be manipulated with the hands in a simple way; and that it can also be air-dried from one day to the next once the craft is finished. To create it, you can use different utensils, among which we can highlight the knives that have been created specifically to make clay figures. Taking this into account, it is time to know the steps to follow to make clay figures, which are the following:

  1. Creating figures such as leaves, cars, etc., can be created easily with white clay. The first step when making these crafts is to choose the type of craft you want to create.
  2. Once you have chosen it, it will be time to also choose the size. If you want to make flowers with white clay you can, if they are small, paint them and then add them to small pendants that can be used with a string in a necklace or even as earrings.
  3. Once you have chosen the craft and the size, it will be time to make a drawing on a piece of paper of the creation that you have in your mind; and from that moment you will have to choose a piece of clay of the size you want.
  4. Then you should locate yourself in a place where you have a work surface that is not too dry and does not absorb too much moisture. This is important to keep in mind as white clay dries out quite quickly and is not what you want while you are working it into the desired shape.
  5. Next you will need to take the lump of clay. You crush it on the work surface and you will begin to knead it in such a way that it gradually becomes more malleable. This way you can achieve the desired finish.
  6. When you see that you can work without any problem with the clay, it will be time to make your desired figure. The possibilities are endless, since in your own imagination will be the limit about the creation that you are interested in making with white clay. That is why it is one of the most frequently used materials when creating crafts.
  7. Once you have achieved the figure you want to create with the white clay, it will be time to use a small craft knife. With it you will be in charge of creating the different details of your creation, while you will be eliminating the remains of clay that you see that you have left over. In this way you will give more shape to your final creation.
  8. As you work the white clay, you should wet the clay from time to time; for which you can spray it comfortably with a water spray. In this way you will prevent this material from getting hard and you can thus mold it without any problem.
  9. When you have finished with the task of shaping the figure with white clay and you are comfortable with the final result; It will be time to take it out into the air and let it dry. In case you want to stop working without finishing the creation, you should cover the figure with a damp cloth; to later put it in a plastic bag. In this way, you can continue with your creation at another time, either after a few hours or the next day. This way you can continue shaping the dough as you wish, achieving an exceptional final result.
  10. A last step when it comes to knowing how to make crafts with white clay is that of, with a dry and finished craft as far as its shape is concerned; It will be time to paint or varnish the white clay figure. The second option is indicated in those cases in which you want to leave it white.

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