How to Make Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls?

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Often, when you think of enjoying a good time with children doing crafts, it is common to think of making use of cardboard, papier-mâché, drawings, cardboard…, but it is really possible to take advantage of some materials that we can all find in our home.

In our home we have numerous objects that we regularly throw away and that we can use to make crafts, especially those that have to do with food and hygiene. For this reason, below we are going to talk about some different proposals so that you know how to make crafts with toilet paper rolls.

These, which are frequently discarded when used continuously, can be used to make a large number of crafts and also toys for the smallest of the house.

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They achieve this thanks to the fact that they offer great versatility when it comes to developing different objects, thanks to their composition and shape. Therefore, they must always be valued as a good option for all those who want to do children’s crafts.

Crafts with toilet paper rolls

One of its great advantages over other materials is that it can be manipulated in a simple way, although it must be taken into account that the child will need your help to do the craft. That said, below we are going to give you a series of ideas that you can apply and that are very simple to make your own creations.

Race car

One of the easiest options you have at your disposal if you want to know how to make crafts with toilet paper rolls is to create a race car.

To do this, you must first draw and cut out the central part of the car, in the space where the driver would sit, on the roll. Then, you will only have to paint the desired color and with a piece of cardboard draw and cut out the four wheels, which you can glue to your cardboard car. From there, your imagination and creativity will do the rest to achieve the design as you prefer it.


Another simple option to create with toilet paper rolls with the little ones in the house is to make a crocodile. For this it is necessary to have three rolls of hygienic paper.

Once you have them you will have to shape the animal’s teeth. You will have to cut another roll to shape its legs and the central part of the animal; and the third roll will be used to create the tail. Then you will only have to join the three parts and paint the rolls green. In addition, you can draw the eye or stick one from a sticker or similar.

cardboard bunnies

With toilet paper rolls you can create some very nice bunnies, for which you only have to paint it the desired color and draw the animal’s face on top.

To make its ears you will have to have other rolls, which you will have to cut out and paint in an identical color. In this case you can create bunnies in this way, but you can also apply it to any other animal that you are interested in drawing, since you can create its silhouette directly on the paper roll.


Another option is to create a practical case, being another craft that is available to anyone, being made up of a couple of rolls of toilet paper and being able to also use three rolls of kitchen paper, so that the upper part is cut in a way horizontal.

Once you have cut them, you will only have to place them vertically on a surface all together, be it cardboard, wood…, and then decorate it to your liking. In this way you will have different spaces to be able to store utensils and have them classified. It will be a good way to have markers, colored pencils, etc., properly organized.


If you want to create some very original frogs, you can also do it using toilet paper rolls. In this case these are used but crushed and stapled on one side.

The legs are glued on the sides and must be made with cardboard, in addition to painting both these and the roll itself green. In addition, you can paint the eyes on top and add a string tied to an inner end of the frog and make a fly with cardboard, so it can be a very creative option.


If you want to know how to make crafts with toilet paper rolls, a very simple option is to create some snakes. In this case it is as simple as taking a roll of toilet paper and painting it the desired color. Then you take advantage of the fold that this element has and if you pull it you will see how its entire structure is undone.

From this base the craft is made, cutting the roll so that it looks like a corkscrew. Finally, you will only have to paint the eyes to make it look like a snake.

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