How to Make Children’s Crafts with Kitchen Paper?

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On other occasions we have talked about how to make crafts with wool for children or crafts with toilet paper rolls; And now the time has come to teach you how to make children’s crafts with kitchen paper. This element so common in our day to day will allow us to create different solutions when it comes to carrying out various projects.

With kitchen paper or rolls we can have a base from which to develop our creativity and imagination. By doing these crafts for children over eight years old, we will find an activity that will be very fun for children; and it is that this will help them to encourage their imagination and get their most creative side. From now on you will be able to keep kitchen papers to be able to create very interesting craft pieces.

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Instructions for making children’s crafts with kitchen paper

If you want to know how to make children’s crafts with kitchen paper, you should keep in mind that there are different options that you can use to take advantage of this material. We give you some advice:

Save custom objects

A good option to make use of kitchen paper is to create custom object saves, for which you will have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you will have to get a kitchen roll, which should be wider than most. It will be very useful for storing different objects such as games or puzzle pieces.
  2. The process is as simple as using a bit of cardboard or cardboard and a bit of thread. With this cut the pieces that will serve as the lid and closure of this object holder.
  3. With them you will have to join them with a bit of thread, you paste the base; and finally you will have to paint to taste and decorate.

kitchen paper flowers

An alternative to creating kitchen paper crafts is to create kitchen paper flowers. To do this you will have to start by looking for some skewers or sticks on which to place the flower; and later you will have to follow the following steps and indications, which are very simple and can be carried out by children:

  1. First of all, with the kitchen paper and the skewers or chopsticks you can start the process. To start, take some kitchen paper, glue and paint to make the flowers.
  2. You will have to dip the kitchen paper in the glue so that they stick together like a ball.
  3. Once you have done it, you will only have to paint them and join the pieces to create your paper flowers. In this way you can make different shapes of kitchen paper flowers; and thus achieve a decorative element that is very simple to carry out and that is a perfect craft for the smallest of the home.

flying Japanese carp

If you want to know how to make children’s crafts with kitchen paper, you will have before you the possibility of making flying Japanese cars, which are a traditional decorative element of this Asian country and that can make you unfold all your creativity and imagination options. Thus, each child will be able to enjoy at the same time that they get an object that will help them decorate their room or other room in the home, as well as to play.

The procedure to follow for this is very simple, and it will be enough for you to do the following:

  1. First of all, you will have to do with some tissue paper to create some flying ribbons.
  2. Then, with the use of some pore pan balls you will be able to make the eyes of your creation, taking into account that you will have to paint on them with a black marker to create the eye of your Japanese cars.
  3. After joining all the pieces, you can paint the kitchen paper so that they have a very special shape and appearance.
  4. With the use of a black marker we will have to give a few touches of color and creativity in this type of craft.

fire breathing dragons

Fire -breathing dragons are a craft that can be made with a roll of kitchen paper, being ideal for creating a fantasy universe. The dragons themselves can be made using the base of the roll, which will be painted green.

Next you will have to make use of tissue paper ribbons with which to emulate the fire that comes from its mouth. You can make use of some pore pan balls that will act as threatening eyes; and that will make the little ones enjoy their dragon craft.

In this way, you already know four different options that are very interesting if you want to know how to make children’s crafts with kitchen paper. So you can take advantage of this common household object to get the best results and great moments of fun with the little ones.

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