How to Make Children’s Crafts with Egg Cups?

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Activities with children are one of the best ways to connect with the little ones in the house, thus being able to enjoy free time between parents and children and help the latter to develop their creativity and skills. These are a perfect idea to be able to enjoy free time with the little ones in the house while committing to recycling. Egg cups are one of the most common household waste, and they offer many possibilities when it comes to using them for crafts.

This material intended to preserve eggs can be used to create crafts that allow the development of any child’s imagination.

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Children’s crafts with egg cups

When it comes to knowing how to make children’s crafts with egg cups, keep in mind that we have numerous options. Below we give you different alternatives so that you can make use of this material; and you can achieve an excellent final result, with which to entertain yourselves as a family.

Make costumes for any celebration

One of the ways to make use of egg cups is to make costumes for any type of event or celebration. They are perfect to use as the snout of a pig, a cat, a dog or a mouse, as well as any other animal you want. You will only have to let your imagination flow and you will be able to achieve the most opportune creation.

The part that holds the eggs is used, and then painted with acrylic paint or with temperas. With a black permanent you should draw the funniest details. It is only necessary to make a couple of holes to be able to be used as a mask, using elastic tape.

Create flowers with egg cups

Another option that you can take into account for the creation of children’s crafts of this type is to create flowers with egg cups. Flowers with egg cups are a classic craft, which is ideal for both adults and children; and it is a way to take advantage of the egg cups to transform them into a decorative object.

We will use the central part for this, place them one on top of the other and carefully cut out the petals. If desired, fringes with smaller pieces can be placed in the center as if they were yarns. Then it will be time to cut out and paint the showiest parts of these flowers; and later they will be glued using a glue gun.

Create a worm with egg cups

Another possibility to which we can resort when it comes to knowing how to make children’s crafts with egg cups is to create a worm. This is a craft that is very fun and can be a great time of fun between adults and children. Egg cups can be used to make a colorful worm shape.

To do this, the central part of the egg cups must be cut, and then painted in various colors and the parts are joined with a thread or on paper. With a black marker, the different details of the creation should be made. In this way you can create a worm in a very simple way. Thus, children will be able to enjoy a very interesting decorative element for their room and even be able to play with it. It is a craft that can delight them and make them have a great time of fun.

create butterflies

For the girls of the house, some butterflies with egg cups is a perfect craft. To be able to carry out this craft you just have to follow a series of steps that are very simple to carry out; And it will only take a moment. In this way, it is a good way to connect with the smallest of the house at the same time that a decorative element is obtained that is very interesting.

To do this, you must start by cutting three parts of the egg cup, creating the head and body of the butterfly. For the wings you can use cardboard from a cereal box or shoe box. It is enough to shape and cut it, and then paint in pink or purple colors; and being able to resort to a little glitter if you want to give it a brighter touch. To achieve the best finish and that all the details of the butterflies can be appreciated, use a black marker.

In this way, with these simple materials and egg cups, you can create different crafts. With them you can have a good time and make children have fun while encouraging their creativity.

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