How to Make Bottle Pots?

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Making pots with bottles is something that is already very common today, with a society that is increasingly aware of the need for recycling to conserve the planet.

However, although they are usually made with plastic bottles, this time we are going to explain how to make pots with both plastic and wine bottles. In this way you will find a way to reuse glass bottles, managing to give them a second life full of utility and with an aesthetic finish that can be very interesting.

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Awareness is growing with respect to recycling, and you should know that knowing how to make pots with bottles is something simple, and that you will also be giving a second use to some products that you have in your home. Similarly, you should know that, far from having a bad finish, the reality is that you can achieve a very interesting finish.

In fact, in the case of wine and other alcohol bottles, the large number of different bottles and models, with very attractive designs in some cases, can make you have a pot in your home or business with a more than interesting appearance.

Instructions for making bottle pots

Planters with recycled wine bottles

When making pots with recycled wine bottles, you can create them both to hang on the wall and to place on any surface. This time we are going to explain how to make pots with bottles, so that you do not have any doubts when doing it.

To get started, you just need to have wine bottles, a small wooden log or beam, metal bridle, a drill, and screws.

Depending on the flowers you want to place inside, you can choose a particular type of bottle. To do this you have to do these steps:

  1. First of all, you must wash the bottles and proceed to disinfect the interior well so that you can place the flowers inside without problems. It is important that they are well cleaned so that the plants have adequate space to germinate.
  2. Then you must begin to prepare its assembly. For this you can use a wood just like recycled bottles. You can use a piece of a door or a wooden beam or any similar piece.
  3. Then you have to cut the wood into pieces of the same size, depending on the number of bottles you have. To do this you have to cut a long piece of wood to place the bottles in it or make individual planters.
  4. Once you have created the piece with the screws, you can varnish the wood. You can also paint the base a color you like.
  5. Next you must place the wine bottles. Fasten well so that they do not fall, since although the weight is not very high, it is always preferable that they are well fixed.
  6. For a final step, you just have to place the plants you see of your choice. This is a great way to take advantage of wine bottles.

How to make a vertical garden with plastic bottle pots?

If you want to know how to make pots with plastic bottles for a vertical garden, the process is also very simple. For its elaboration you will only need a plastic bottle, string, pencil, scissors and soil.

This craft is very simple to do, since creating a planter with plastic bottles is used to recycle and also to use as decoration. The steps to follow are those:

  1. First of all, you must take the bottle and place it horizontally, drawing a rectangle on it according to the size that interests you and which will depend on the size of the bottle. In any case you should keep a few centimeters away from the edge.
  2. Once you make this drawing it is time to cut your plastic bottle by the rectangle you have drawn. Then you must open two small holes at each end of the bottle. This will serve to introduce a wick and that your pot can be placed where you prefer. You can help yourself with a fine-tipped screwdriver.
  3. Once the holes have been opened, you need to feed the string through these holes until they come out the other side of the bottle. You must tie a knot that is strong at the end of the rope so that it does not slip out.
  4. As the earth needs to breathe and the water needs to run, it is necessary to take the lid of the bottle and make four holes big enough. This will create an outlet for excess water.
  5. Once the bottle is cut, pierced and tied on both sides, all you have to do is add the soil and plant the flowers you want. In this way, you can place your plastic bottles on the wall and thus make a perfect vertical garden.

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