How to Make Amigurumi Step by Step

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Lovers of crafts have surely heard of amigurumis, an art with crochet stitches that allows you to enjoy these figures that can become a decorative element or a very nice toy.

Amigurumis are knitted stuffed animals that are very popular in some countries such as Japan. Most of the amigurumis are crocheted, because it is a technique that offers greater ease than others when it comes to creating three-dimensional objects.

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Basic crochet stitches for amigurumis

Before giving you the instructions so that you know how to make amigurumis step by step, you must know the basic crochet stitches to be able to start making your creations. They are the following:

Slip knot (slip) and chains (ch)

This crochet stitch is used to be able to fix the magic ring before starting with the single crochets. Likewise, it will be useful to you as you gain experience and decide to create more advanced amigurumis.

magic ring

The magic ring is essential to start crocheting an amigurumi.

Low point (bp)

Also called “point x” it is very common to use this type of point to make the bodies of the amigurumis.

Point magnification (au)

It is used in these dolls because it offers a greater variety when it comes to finishing them. In this case it consists of knitting two stitches in the same stitch.

Decrease point (dis)

Also known as an “invisible decrease” point, it consists of turning two points into one.

Slip stitch (pe)

This small crochet stitch is used to finish the circular parts of the amigurumis, as well as to reinforce areas or decorate.

Instructions to make amigurumis step by step

Amigurumi: stuffed whale

If you want to create a simple amigurumi, perfect for beginners, you can make a stuffed whale. If you are interested, you will need to get:

  • Favorite color yarn
  • White thread
  • crochet hook 3mm
  • wool needle
  • lap marker
  • Scissors
  • Filling

Once you get all these materials, it will be time to start making them. To know how to make amigurumis step by step in the form of a whale you will have to perform these steps:

  1. First of all, you will have to proceed to make a magic ring with six single crochet and make the adjustment.
  2. Then it’s time to do six increases with the stitch from the previous section. In this way you will have twelve low points, having to remember that it is important that you mark when you finish a round.
  3. Then you must makesingle crochet and proceed to place the marker.
  4. Then it will be time to continue with the amigurumi, having to make an increase and a single crochet. You should finish this round with 18 single crochet.
  5. The next round you should start with two single crochet and an increase, making a total round of 24 stitches.
  6. The next three rounds must be done without making any increase, opting for a single crochet in each stitch.
  7. When you start the eighth row you will have to make a chain of five stitches. Then you jump two chains and make a point three times until you reach the body of the whale again. You must close it with a slip stitch.
  8. Repeat the previous two steps again and follow the round with three single crochet. Make a chain of three stitches to make the fin of the whale and finish with the slip stitch.
  9. Finish with 14 single crochet until you reach the other end, making the flap as in the previous step. Then place two safety eyes.
  10. You must then change from yarn to white and fasten the last round.
  11. In the part of the tail you will have to reduce two stitches and finish with 24 single crochet. When you reach the side fins of the whale, it will be time for you to salt them and continue weaving.
  12. With this you will have reached the tenth lap, in which you will have to make two points and a reduction. In the next one you will have to make a point and a reduction. If there are loose stitches, you can increase or decrease.
  13. Once the previous steps are done, it will be time to fill the whale and finish the round with a point and a reduction.
  14. To finish your whale amigurumi you will have to reduce stitches and close with a slip stitch.
  15. To close the lower part of the stuffed animal, you will have to use a thread and sew all the stitches. To ensure it well, it is recommended to pass the thread to the head.

In this way you can create your own amigurumi whales. This is a good idea to start, from which you can create all kinds of creations.

What do you need to make amigurumis step by step?

To make an amigurumi you need the following basic materials:

  • Crochet needles, which can be made of plastic, bamboo or aluminum.
  • Markers
  • Eyes for amigurumi dolls, although you can weave two magic rings and sew them.
  • pins
  • wool needle
  • Scissors
  • Colored threads or wool (100% acrylic; 50% cotton and 50% acrylic; or 100% cotton).
  • Stuffing for amigurumi (stuffing for cushions, pillows, synthetic cotton…)

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