How to Make a Paper Boomerang?

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Boomerangs are objects that in ancient times were used by our ancestors to hunt small animals. However, over the years its uses have changed in a more than remarkable way, currently being a toy that can be made of very different materials. In fact, we can find them made of wood, plastic or paper, the latter being an origami exercise that any of us can carry out from the comfort of our home.

When making a boomerang through origami, it must have the qualities of the rest of the materials in the same way. In other words, its main characteristic must continue to be that it launches and returns to its origin. This largely depends on how skillful the caster is.

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If you want to know how to make a paper boomerang, we are going to explain the keys that you must follow for it, and the steps to be able to create this craft with children at home that can be more than interesting.

In this way you will see how being able to use this paper resource is much simpler than you might think at first, thus achieving a design that makes it easy to make it fly. However, remember that in addition to creating it well, the way in which it is launched is very important so that it can truly fulfill its mission; that is to say, that it can be thrown and that it returns to the place of origin after traveling a certain distance.

Instructions for making a paper boomerang

If you want to know how to make a paper boomerang, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you must take a DIN-A4 size sheet of paper and then divide it in half.
  2. Next, you must fold the paper that you had already cut in half, folding it tightly.
  3. The next step is to take one of the ends of it and fold that half again. Again, you will need to mark the folded part with force. Then do the same with the other half.
  4. Once you have both sides folded, it is time to take the paper and from right to left fold it in half again, matching both ends.
  5. On the side that is folded, that is, where the folds are joined, the corners should be folded inwards, leaving that part of the boomerang in the shape of an arrow.
  6. Next, it will be time to unfold the entire piece, where you will find that all the folds are duly marked. After unfolding them you will have to fold the right side inwards. Do this carefully to avoid ripping the paper.
  7. Then push the bottom part out, overlapping it on top of the paper you just folded.
  8. The next step corresponds to the left part of the boomerang. In this case you will have to take one of the folds and proceed to fold it inwards.
  9. In this way you will find that there is a triangle left at the top of the boomerang that you will have to proceed to fold it inwards. In this way you will do as if it were inside a pocket, taking into account the previously made folds.
  10. In this way, the entire boomerang will be closed and folded, making you have in your hands a square-shaped piece of paper, which is the shape that this creation should have.
  11. Next, you need to take the bottom ends of it and fold them inwards. This will create the tips of the boomerang.
  12. Of those two ends that you have created, the one that has the crease must be folded in again. Then close everything and put the tip back through the hole where you had folded everything, as if it were a pocket.
  13. Do the same on the other end and you will have finished your paper boomerang. Once you have created it, you will only have to throw it so that it returns to you after traveling a distance. To get better results when playing with it, keep in mind that the perfect thing is to launch it with a 45-degree inclination.

In this way, you now know how to make a paper boomerang, a process that, as you may have seen for yourself, is simpler than you might think. Although at first it may seem like there are many steps to take, the reality is that with patience and following them one by one you should not have any problem.

This craft can be carried out by anyone, which makes it a good idea to do in the company of the little ones in the house. Although it is normal that they need help, it will help them to continue improving their skills and thus be able to entertain themselves creating a craft that, in addition, will serve them later to play and enjoy.

What do you need to make a paper boomerang?

  • DIN-A4 size sheet of paper

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