How to Make a House with Wooden Sticks?

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Crafts are one of the best entertainment activities for the little ones at home, being a good way for them to learn to develop their creativity and improve their skills.

As on other occasions we have explained how to make a cardboard house or how to make a chef’s hat, now we are going to explain how to make a house with wooden sticks. In this simple way you can do this craft.

For this, you need very few materials and it will not take you too long either, being an excellent option for all those who want to have a good time in the company of the little ones, who will be able to do this creative project in a very simple way.

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Wooden sticks can be used for a lot of manual work with the little ones, as they are very versatile and very comfortable to work with.

Instructions to make a house with wooden sticks

If you want to know how to make a house with wooden sticks, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to give you below:

  1. First of all, you must take six wooden sticks and you must align them well, then stick two sticks on top of them that cross them horizontally. For this you will have to use liquid silicone. In this way all the sticks will be perfectly united.
  2. When you have already done the first step, you must trim the rounded ends of all the sticks. This way you will get a rectangle that has all the sides completely straight.
  3. Thirdly, you must place the piece so that the sticks are vertical. Draw two diagonal lines to get the shape of the roof. When you have drawn that the shape is appropriate, you will only have to cut along the lines you have drawn. In this way, the house will begin to take shape.
  4. Then repeat the previous steps, creating another figure that is exactly the same as the one made before. In this way you will have both the facade and the back of the wooden house.
  5. Then you have to take one of these two pieces and draw a horizontal line through the two sticks that are in the center. Cut along the line you draw, so that you make the door of the wooden house. To cut it you can use a cutter. In any case, be it scissors or a cutter, be careful when children handle this type of object, due to the risk that this may pose to them.
  6. Then it is time to create the base of the wooden house. To do this, it is as simple as placing a dozen wooden sticks lined up. To join them, again, stick sticks that cross them horizontally and stick them using liquid silicone. In this way you will ensure that they are perfectly attached.
  7. To make both sides of the house out of wooden sticks you have to do the same process as with the base, but instead of using twelve sticks, in this case you will use four sticks. In addition, you will have to make two pieces exactly the same and with the rounded parts cut off, to get two perfect rectangles.
  8. Once all of the above is done, you will already have all the pieces that make up the structure of your craft. At this point, it is time to glue them together, for which you will have to start by gluing the two facades and the sides on the base, so that you form a rectangle.
  9. With all of the above created, it is time to get down to work with the roof of the house. For this you can use colored sticks, or paint them. You will only have to stick the sticks in the upper part of the two facades created to unite them and so on until you get to cover the area where the sides of the house are located.
  10. Next you can make a fireplace. To do this you just have to cut four pieces of stick in the shape of a trapezoid. For the sides you will need another four pieces of sticks in the shape of a rectangle. The measurements will depend on the size of which you want to make the fireplace. When you have them all cut you will only have to form a square on the roof and glue them.
  11. Then you can make the windows. To do this you can make cuts on the sides or use light blue cardboard and skewer sticks. First you will have to cut two equal rectangles that will serve as the window glass and stick it on the sides of the house. Then attach a frame using the skewer sticks.
  12. To finish, you can give it other decorative touches, being able to resort to the use of stickers to be able to place elements that give it a special touch. This depends on the tastes of each person and will fall on the creativity of each person. The possibilities are limitless and it’s a great way to let kids get creative.

In this simple way you will know how to make a house with wooden sticks, which does not imply any type of difficulty and can be perfect for entertaining children, especially on those afternoons when you cannot enjoy outdoor activities. In addition, it will always be of great help to entertain them and develop their abilities.

What do you need to make a house with wooden sticks?

  • Wooden ice cream sticks or similar
  • liquid silicone
  • colored cardboard
  • skewer sticks
  • scissors
  • Colored markers
  • cutter
  • Decorative stickers (optional)

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