How to Make a Homemade Musical Battery?

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Crafts can be used for many different purposes, from making decorative objects such as jewelry accessories, toys, musical instruments. On this occasion we are going to explain how to make a homemade musical drum set, a perfect craft for both children and not so children and a way to start developing a musical talent without having to make a large financial outlay. In this way you can create it with only recycled material.

Materials to create a homemade battery

If you want to know how to make a homemade musical battery, you should start by gathering the necessary materials for it. When choosing this craft, you should keep in mind that it is not the same to hit a piece of wood as it is to do the same on a can of milk; and this is because the different elements hit depend on the depth, whether they are hollow inside and the vibrations they generate.

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Once you are clear about this principle, which will govern at all times when creating a hunting battery, you must choose to use all your creativity and imagination. To make your creation you will be able to search your home for materials or objects that have depth, that are hollow and thus you will be able to use them for your homemade battery.

In any case, there are a series of materials that are used more frequently when making this type of craft, such as:


It is possible to build a battery out of cardboard. This material is very easy to find and with patience and adhesive tape you will be able to create the different elements of your battery. You can also opt for cardboard boxes if you prefer.

In any case, you should keep in mind that with the cardboard pieces you can make them of different sizes and with different depths, thus being able to create a complete battery that can sound good.

Scotch tape

To proceed to build the drum pads it is necessary to use adhesive tape. Be careful to use it well, because if its elements are not well reinforced, they could break quite easily.


Cans are a perfect item to get metallic and sharp sounds on your drums. It is especially recommended for the snare, as it has a sharp sound, but not for the bass drum or tom toms.

Milk or paint cans

Milk cans are perfect for imitating the sound of a tom tom or a bass drum. If you have any in your home, you can take advantage of it to create your homemade battery.

Pans and lids

The saucepans that you no longer use for cooking or that you have in disuse can be a perfect element for your battery. By having depth, they are able to generate noises similar to drums, while you can use the covers as jigs. Of course, do not use them if they are made of glass.


These must be empty and fixed to prevent them from moving when hit with the battery.

bottles with sand

If you want to give your battery more tropical sounds, you can fill bottles with sand, or alternatively with vegetables, so that you can imitate the sound of maracas.

Elements you need to make a homemade battery

If you want to know how to make a homemade musical battery, you should take into account the different elements that make up a battery and the type of sound they emit, such as the following:

Cash register

The snare is a part of the battery that is located between the drummer’s legs and is characterized by having a sharp sound. It is one of the most important components, so it is important to make a good choice. To do this, use a can or bottle of milk that has little depth.

tom toms

They offer sounds from bass to treble and sit on top of the box. To create them you can build cardboard cylinders, as well as milk jugs or cans with different diameters and depths; and order them from left to right, with the smallest and shallowest located on the left side.


This is the part of the drums that offers a more serious sound and is kicked. To do this you must use the largest milk can you can find, or cardboard or wooden boxes that you do not use.

When you have already found it you will have to create the kick pedal. This part of the instrument is the most complicated to build, but you can do it with a mallet and a platform for your foot. Thus, each time you press your foot against the platform, the hub is rotated to hit the pedal.


The cymbals or drum plates are made of metal and have a circular shape. To imitate them you can opt for saucepan lids or cans. When you get them you can use a vertical support of wood or metal.

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