How to Make a Homemade Dream Catcher Step by Step?

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Surely you have heard on more than one occasion about different legends or ancient stories that refer to different beings or objects that have special characteristics. One of these mythical objects that is very present in many stories is the dream catcher.

This object, in addition to all the history and legends that it can carry behind it, is also a vintage decorative object that you can place in different places such as your car or your house.

If you want to know how to make a homemade dreamcatcher step by step, in this case we are going to explain everything you need to know so that you can do the craft yourself.

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The origin of dreamcatchers

Before starting to explain how to make a homemade dream catcher step by step, you need to know that it is an element that has its origin in a North American tribe called the Ojibwa. This made use of circular structures from which feathers hung; and placed this object on the baby’s crib or bed. Inside the sphere and using nettle fiber, a kind of spider web was woven.

According to legends and history, dreams came down from the sky and while good dreams were able to slide down the feathers that included these objects, nightmares moved through their center, getting caught in spider webs. In this way, the child or person who was resting was safe from bad dreams.

Also, when the first rays of the sun fell on this spider web located inside, in which the nightmares were trapped, the bad dreams disappeared. In this way, you can already know the meaning of dream catchers. Now we are going to explain the process you have to follow to make your own at home.

Instructions to make a homemade dream catcher step by step

If you want to know how to make a homemade dreamcatcher step by step, keep reading, since you only have to do the following:

  1. First of all, you must line the ring. To do this, you must take into account the material that you are going to use for it, since depending on the material chosen, the final result of the dreamcatcher may be more or less attractive. Regardless of whether you use yarn, ribbon, or string, the process is the same.
  2. To do this you will have to apply a line of hot glue on the ring and then you can cover it with the material you have chosen for it. It will be enough for you to roll it around the area. Thanks to that line of glue, it will stay in place and will not move. When you have the entire ring lined, it will be the moment in which you must hold the end with a clamp for about five minutes, until it has dried.
  3. Once this is done, you should let it dry for 15-20 minutes so that the glue can fulfill its function.
  4. Then it will be the turn to weave the net that will be in charge of catching bad dreams, so it is the most delicate part of the elaboration. To start you have to cut a piece of wool or the material you have chosen to weave the net.
  5. Take the yarn and tie a knot at the top of the hoop. Next you must tighten the rope to pass the rope over the hoop and then intermediate the wool cord and the hoop. You should leave a distance of approximately 5 centimeters.
  6. After having made the first round, you must start knitting the second round, with a procedure identical to the previous one. You will start with the initial knot of the first round and then, instead of passing it through the thread, you will have to pass the yarn through the middle of the previous round.
  7. The rest of the laps will be done in the same way. When you reach the center and you can’t weave any more, it’s time to tie a knot and cut the excess yarn.
  8. Once the interior of the dreamcatcher is done, it will be time to place the decorations for the dream. To do this, you can hang different feathers, bows, ribbons, beads… You can do this according to your tastes and preferences.

What do you need to make a homemade dream catcher step by step?

To make your homemade dream catcher, the materials that are necessary are very simple and you will not need to buy many of them, since you probably have them in your own home. Specifically, you will need the following:

  •  A hoop. This can be any type of circular structure, whether it is an old bracelet, a bag handle or any piece of wire or similar that allows you to create a circle. However, you should keep in mind that depending on the size of the hoop, the dream catcher will be larger or smaller.
  •  Feathers, braids, strips of cloth, rope, wool, beads…
  •  Pendant that you no longer use and that can serve you when you use it to place it in the car, on the bed or wherever you are most interested in.
  •  Glue gun
  •  Glue
  •  Scissors

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