How to Make a Flower Pot with A Paint Pot?

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When talking about crafts, we have already talked about how to make recycled bracelets, how to make pots with bottles or the way in which clay can be recycled, we have to know how to make a pot with a paint pot. This is a craft that is decorative and very interesting to follow, and for which you will only need an empty paint pot, sticks and string.

This craft is ideal to house indoor plants in these pots. In addition, we will be able to recycle materials that are key to being able to create our own accessories and thus achieve personalization of home decoration.

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Crafts are a great way to give a second life to products and elements that are part of our daily lives. In this case we are going to teach how to make a pot with a paint pot, recycling this type of container and decorating it with sticks and rope to achieve a very cozy and original touch.

These original pots can be combined with indoor plants, being an essential element for home decoration, bringing joy, freshness and color to the home. For this reason, it is recommended that they be part of the home decoration.

material recycling

In this way you can recycle basic materials that can be found in the house, being an option to take into account to be able to personalize the decoration of the home; and also this type of crafts helps to save money as well as to take care of the environment. In this way, less plastic is purchased and less waste is generated. In addition to all these advantages, we must bear in mind that the fact of going on to make this pot with a pot of paint also helps when it comes to having a good time doing crafts.

Finally, when talking about how to make a pot with a pot of paint, we must bear in mind that we find ourselves with a craft that is done very quickly and for which we hardly need materials.

In fact, with just four materials and three tools, we can create pots that are very original and perfect for the interior of the home. In this way you can decorate both the entrances of the home and any of its rooms, terraces and even for the decoration of offices or other places. Depending on the type of paint pot chosen, you will be able to enjoy a space for a greater or lesser number of plants, being able to combine different sizes to find the best option.

Instructions to make a flower pot with a paint pot

If you want to know how to make a pot with a pot of paint, you only have to follow a series of steps, which are the following:

  1. To start, you have to gather all the necessary materials, which are the wooden lattice or sticks, paint cans and tools such as pliers, scissors and a hot melt gun. For the adornment of the pot, rope and trimming details will have to be used, which will be included at the end of the craft.
  2. If we use a lattice with sticks, then the wire must be gradually released. You will have to be patient but little by little you will be able to do the process faster.
  3. Then you will have to take a handful of sticks and proceed to measure up to the height you want it to reach and cut them. You can choose to have them protrude a few inches above the edge of the paint pot.
  4. Once the sticks are cut to your liking, it will be time to stick them little by little and one by one with hot silicone and using the hot melt gun.
  5. Now it’s time to look at the details. To achieve a more professional result, it is recommended to cover the edge of the paint can with a rope. Now proceed to measure and cut to size to stick it later using hot silicone.
  6. Now we will start with the exterior details of the craft. Wood and rope serve to create a perfect combination with accessories that are in a Nordic style. Making use of a finer rope and it is going to be wrapped a few times around its upper part, and the rope will be glued using hot silicone. In this way you will already know how to make a pot with a pot of paint and you will be practically at the end of the process.
  7. To decorate the lower part of the paint pot, you will have to place a trimming strip that fits with the wood and the rope.
  8. To finish, you will only have to place the indoor plant inside the new pot and you will be able to place it in your favorite place in the house, offering a different and very attractive finish.

What do you need to make a pot with a paint pot?

  • empty paint bucket
  • Strings of different thicknesses
  • Wooden lattice or sticks
  • trimmings
  • Hot melt gun
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

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