How to Make a Chef’s Hat?

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One of the most typical things in restaurant kitchens is to see the chefs and their assistants, with something that becomes essential for more than obvious reasons. That essential tool is the chef’s hat.

It is striking because of the particularity that it is very tall, huge compared to the head. But do you know the reason for its dimensions? Apart from that, logically, it should be used as a general rule, in kitchens for hygiene. It prevents hair from falling out, sweat, staining… it is in general, for cleanliness and hygiene. But there is more… as for the dimensions, which could seem like an aesthetic thing or something like that, they are this way for something specific.

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White is the typical color of chef hats, although many chefs also use dark colors so that they are more durable and do not stain as easily (or not be noticed) as black and navy blue.

Instructions for making a chef’s hat

  1. First of all, you have to know how to differentiate that the typical white hat, so tall and striking, is only worn by those who are chefs or head chefs. Therefore, not everyone wears them. At first glance, seeing the hat, you know who is the boss of that kitchen.
  2. It is also important to know and comment that this hat has always been recognized by the name of ” latoca blanche” which is how it began to be called.
  3. And regarding its characteristic shape, it is mainly due to the fact that the head can be ventilated. So, so simple.
  4. One of the things that you will need to avoid problems and that the hat does not fit you, is to measure the circumference of your head. Take a tape measure and measure yourself around. Don’t make it too tight or loose. Let the normal tape remain.
  5. Once you have chosen the material from which you want to make the hat, which will depend on whether it is paper, cardboard or fabric, then take the material you have chosen and measure the previous contour. Cut it to that dimension.
  6. Now, you should take a piece of cloth or cardboard or paper (the material you have chosen) and you have to make the famous shape that the chef’s hat gives it, the folds. For it; Take the material and go making folds of a finger more or less. Keep doing it until you finish the piece of fabric/cardboard/paper.
  7. When you have all the folds, you should glue it to the previous piece that you had measured and cut (the one that will go around the head).
  8. You should be left with a cylinder, open on both sides of the hat.
  9. At the top you can bend it a little so that it looks a little mushroom-like or choose the most striking option, which would be to leave it open and very high.
  10. It actually seems more complicated than it really is. Once you start preparing it, it is simple and very intuitive to do.
  11. If you are not very handy or very skilled with crafts, it is better to start by making a chef’s hat that is made of paper. If you want something sturdier and more durable, then better cardstock, which is still paper, but harder. And if you know how to sew and you’re good at crafting and you have time… then you can opt for the most durable and cool option, which would be to make a fabric chef’s hat. You can always wash it and it will last you a long time.

What do you need to make a chef’s hat?

  • A tape measure.
  • A pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • glue/silicone
  • Sewing thread, pins, sewing needle.
  • Cloth.
  • Cardboard and/or paper.

Tips for making a chef’s hat

The chef’s hat is very striking, especially for the little ones, who are always curious about it and want to put it on and be the chefs in the kitchen.

If you want to keep the children entertained, you can try making your own chef hats with paper so that they can show off their skills and make their own hats or, if you choose to make them out of fabric, you can give them away or make curious and original designs.

The important thing about chef hats is that they are used in the kitchen, both men and women. Hair must always be tied back. Both in a ponytail, as a bun or braid… whatever, but loose hair in the kitchen, never. And never touch them while cooking. It is very unhygienic.

The typical color of the cap is white, nuclear white. Although for children, this color is always very long-suffering and will stain immediately. To attract more attention, you can use colors and let them decide the designs themselves. This will let your imagination run wild. It can also be used for the elders of the house, white and black. They are colors that many chefs use. Or, for the whole family and for the children to have fun, let each member of the household use a color for their chef’s hat and thus know who each one belongs to.

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