How to Make a Candle Holder out of Cement

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We are going to explain how to make a cement candle holder for them. It is a craft that, in addition to being useful, is easy and fun to carry out.

In this way you will be able to add this decorative element to your garden or terrace, being aware that as it is made of cement it will be possible to achieve greater resistance as well as a touch of industrial design and low cost.

Keep in mind that cement is cheap and, for just a few euro cents, you can thus create personalized and unique candle holders at home. If you want to know how to make a cement candle holder, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

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Candles, by themselves, are decorative, elegant and intimate; and a cement candle holder is the special touch that is needed to give a special touch to every corner of your home. In fact, decorative cement figures are very fashionable in the field of decoration; and if they contain a candle inside you can get an even better finish.

Using a cement candle holder is a very elegant and simple way to not stain when burning a candle. Its great advantage is that the wax will be melted inside the candle holder. To do so, you only have to choose a good mold for candle holders with the shape you want to use; being able to make them with shapes of figures, flowers, and other aspects, thus being able to decorate the office, the living room or the garden.

The cement can be special for figures, or a conventional white cement, although the one created for it can be painted with pigments for crafts or with special varnishes. You just have to let yourself be carried away by your imagination and create exclusive candle holders for your home.

Instructions for making a cement candle holder

If you are interested in knowing how to make a cement candle holder, you will need to follow a series of steps that are very simple to carry out. For this you will have to do the following:

  1. Cement is a low – cost decorative element that allows us to make all kinds of very original and creative creations, being perfect to enjoy a special decoration. The first step is to get all the materials. For this you can use recycled elements if you prefer to make it more sustainable; and you should know that it is advisable to have a base on which to place the cement, which must be resistant.
  2. You should start with white cement, which will look great, although you can alternatively use the traditional gray. Once you have it you can start creating your cement candle holder.
  3. When you have created it you can paint your creation both in the background and inside. Before you will have to mix the cement following the instructions with the amount of water that will depend on the candles you want to make; and the amount of cement will determine the water.
  4. Then we will prepare the mold for this craft. The base bottle must be placed, cutting it so that it has the size of the candle holder.
  5. Then it will be necessary to fill with the cement, placing the plastic glass with weight, so that there will be a hole to be able to place the candle later.
  6. Then put weight so that the cement dries with the glass inside in the best conditions; and when it is dry it will be time to remove the glass and cut the bottle.
  7. To achieve a finer and more delicate finish, it is advisable to sand the upper part. In this way we will be able to have a hole for the candle that is perfect and with a container that will be ready for its creation.
  8. Once all the previous steps have been done, you will find that you have already made your candle holder. Then you can paint it or put a special finish with letters or whatever interests you; and it can also serve as a pot to place plants inside.

In this way you already know how to make a cement candle holder. Based on this, you will be able to modify the shape and appearance in order to get the most original candle holders. All this will depend on your creativity and the different elements you want to include.

These homemade candle holders have both great utilities when it comes to carrying out the burning of candles without staining; as they are recommended for their aesthetic appearance, which can make them fit perfectly as a pure decorative element in the home. As you have seen, the process to follow is very simple and quick to carry out.

What do you need to make a cement candle holder?

To create cement candle holders, you need the following materials:

  • White cement
  • Wood sticks
  • paper cups
  • coins or stones
  • Embroidered or embossed ribbon
  • Oil
  • tea candles
  • large plastic container
  • Pliers
  • Fixed grit sandpaper

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