How to Make a Cardboard Guitar?

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One of the best ways to develop the creativity of the little ones in the house is looking for crafts for children that they can do, especially when they can also use them later to play.

Making this type of craft has different advantages, starting with the fact that children can have fun both during the manufacturing process itself and later when using it; and at the same time they will see how their skill and dexterity develops, along with their own creativity.

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There are many different options to create crafts, but one of the most interesting is to know how to make musical instruments for children. This time we are going to focus on teaching you how to make a cardboard guitar. Thanks to this craft you can spend a great time with your children.

Instructions for making a cardboard guitar

Knowing how to make a cardboard guitar is very simple, much more than you might think at first, although for this you will have to follow all the steps that we are going to give you below:

  1. The first of the steps that you must carry out is to draw on a piece of paper the mold of the body of your guitar. You can search for a pattern online or create your own. In this way, you can opt for a more classic design or even unleash your creativity and give it a special look. Once you locate that mold, you just have to print it at an enlarged size and you can use it.
  2. Next you will have to take your cardboards and pass the complete mold, including the central hole of the guitar to three of the cardboards; and only the body of the guitar to two other cardboards without the central hole. Next, cut out the five shapes you have.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, such as silicone, it is time to proceed to join the two larger pieces together.
  4. Next, cut a pencil or similar object to create a bridge on each end of the guitar strings. You should cut one with a size of about 4 cm and the other with about 7 cm.
  5. Proceed to draw a 3-inch line that sits below the opening of the guitar circle (about 1-inch) on the front of the two large pieces you just glued on. In the same step, draw four points below the line, with equal space between them.
  6. Using a cutter or knife, it is time to make a superficial cut in the cardboard. You will do it on the line that you have previously marked on the large pieces.
  7. Made the cut, with your finger, push down to create a hole where to place the bridge of the guitar.
  8. Hot glue the 7cm pencil into the previously made hole, making the piece of pencil make the bridge of the guitar.
  9. Then create small holes through the two layers of cardboard on the four points drawn earlier, just below the bridge we have created.
  10. For the bridge of the upper part of the guitar’s neck, you will need to place the pencil four centimeters below the line where the neck shows a curve. Then make four dots on the line and make a shallow cut on the line and make a slit, just like you did with the other bridge. Then place the piece of pencil and stick it on it. In this case, with the help of a cutter, carve grooves on the pencil, so that the strings pass through them.
  11. Once the above is done, it is time to take some elastic bands of the color you prefer, which are large in size and cut four of them to turn them into the guitar strings.
  12. Tie one end of each band to a clip and cut a slit in the guitar so you can feed the bands to the front of the instrument. This way, the clip will be hidden from the naked eye by holding the strings.
  13. Next, glue another paper clip to the back of the other end and tie the end to the bands, so that the strings are tight.
  14. Once the above is done, it is time to reapply glue all over the back of the guitar and proceed to place the third complete piece of it, so that the hooks of the bands are hidden.
  15. To finish, glue the two smaller silhouettes on the back of the guitar. In this way it will have a greater volume and robustness.
  16. Once all this is done, you can give it decorative touches, painting the guitar, placing stickers, etc., all to your liking.

What do you need to make a cardboard guitar?

To make a cardboard guitar you will need the following materials:

  • Paper
  • resistant cartons
  • Hot glue gun or silicone
  • Pencils
  • Cutter
  • Elastic bands
  • clips

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