How to Make a Cardboard Cube?

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Discover how to make a cardboard cube, a geometric piece that you can use as a base for endless possibilities that we will tell you about, use your imagination to finish it and thus create fun forms of decoration.

Examples of how to use a cardboard cube created by us include using it to decorate a birthday cake, decorating a Christmas table for example, removing a lid and making a napkin holder, placing ears and making a figure, painting it in colors and use it as a decoration at a birthday party, hang them on a terrace to scare away pigeons, place a mobile cover and use it to store things, to organize important papers, and much more.

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According to Wikipedia and in geometry, the regular cube or hexahedron is a polyhedron with six equal or congruent square faces. It is also classified as a straight and rectangular parallelepiped, all its faces have four parallel sides two by two, they are arranged in a parallel way, they are congruent and they have four sides.

The cube is a base body from which multiple shapes and possibilities can be extracted and combined, only your imagination will set the limits, we will give a series of instructions and tips that will facilitate the work, but that you can modify and improve as you go. you do, another possibility is the size, you can adapt the advice to your needs, the procedure is the same, you just have to modify the measurements; and finally the decoration, that is free to your imagination, you can use watercolors, temperas, paint, markers, chalk, colored adhesive tape and a long etcetera.

Follow the instructions on, add a bit of color and imagination, share the work with your children and spend a pleasant and fun time making some cheerful pieces of decoration to hang in your little ones’ room.

What do you need to make a cardboard cube?

  • Cardboard.
  • Cutting element (scissors, cutter,)
  • Glue or adhesive.
  • Pencil, marker.
  • Ruler, bevel, square.

Instructions for making a cardboard cube

  1. The first thing you have to decide is the size, based on your needs, see the dimensions of the cube and have enough cardboard for the task.
  2. Draw the template, the first thing you have to draw is a squared cross, this will have a strip of four squares of the size you have chosen per side, all joined by one side.
  3. Draw the rest of the cross by adding a square to each side of the second square on the strip.
  4. We must add a tab of between one and two centimeters, to each of the free sides of the strip of four. Take into account that the tabs should not end at right angles, it should be an angle of approximately 45º.
  5. When we have the entire template drawn, cut along the entire perimeter of the template.
  6. Then fold each of the sides and tabs. It is advisable to assemble the cube before proceeding with gluing, to check if it is correct.
  7. Once verified, we will begin to fold and glue the tabs on the ends of the strip of four squares. Then you put adhesive on the tabs of one of the covers and stick them by pressing with your fingers and then the other cover.
  8. To finish the decorationuse your imagination to give it a fun and original finish; use paint, cutouts, colors and have fun moments with your children.

Tips for making a cardboard cube

Before proceeding with the gluing, it is convenient to mount it to see the result, once you have checked it you can start with the adhesive.

Once finished, go ahead and decorate it, use your imagination, you will notice the satisfaction when you see the finished cube, spend fun times doing the work with your children.

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