5 Unique DIY Photo Gifts You Can Make at Home

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Knowing how to make a homemade gift with photos is a way to make an original and creative gift with hardly any financial expense. It is a detail that can reach the soul of who receives it, since the photographs of loved ones is something that can succeed in practically any occasion.

Right now we are going to explain how you can make this gift, which will not leave those who receive it indifferent. It is important to always make gifts loaded with symbolism, and nothing better than a gift that you can make yourself with photographs. If you have a small budget, you do not have to worry, since you can prepare a good gift with few resources. We bring you some options to give away.

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Instructions for making a photo gift

Personalized photo candle holder

The first of the options that we are going to talk about if you want to know how to make a gift with photos, is to resort to making a personalized candle holder. For this you only have to look for the most beautiful photos, especially if you are going to send the gift to a distant place. For its creation you will only need a glass jar or glass, photos, glue and decorative tape.

To create it, it will be enough to print the photographs in the right size so that the jar can be covered. You cut them to fit perfectly and stick them on the outside with glue. To make the final result more beautiful, you can use the decorative tape.

Wall clock with photographs

A very original option, especially if the gift is for someone you live with, is to create a wall clock with photographs. You can use a box from any wall clock, merging the photos with the numbers. The ideal in this case is to place it directly on the wall and the person receiving the gift to make it a total surprise.

To make it you will only need a wall clock box, photographs, glue and paint. Once you have gathered these materials you will have to distribute the photographs as if they were numbers on a clock on the wall. You can paste the photos with glue or by resorting to another system, being able to be both photos with a frame and without it.

Then you must place the machinery so that the clock can fulfill its function. In addition, you can write with paint a dedicated phrase for that person.

Mobile with photos

This mobile with photos can end up being the decorative element that you may be looking for, since to create it you can use materials that are very cheap or free. For this you only need photographs, tree branches, string and glue.

To create it, you must start by preparing a montage to place on the wall with the branches and photographs. Then attach the branches to the photos with thread or string and add glue so they have a good hold.

This mobile can be perfect to decorate any corner of the home, being a very original gift that is out of the ordinary.

Puzzle with family photos

In the event that you are interested in knowing how to make a gift with photos, you can also consider making a puzzle with photos of special moments. You can use a puzzle that you have at home or create one from scratch using cardboard. In this case you will only paste the photos on the puzzle.

To create it you need materials such as cardboard (or puzzle), glue, scissors, lining and photos. To make it you must start by preparing the structure of the puzzle, being able to use whatever you have at home to get a good finish.

Then paste the chosen photos and proceed to cover each of the pieces so that they have greater durability. Finally, check that all the pieces fit perfectly

photo fridge magnets

Making fridge magnets with photos is a gift that you can prepare in just a few minutes. The most complicated thing is choosing the photos that you are going to turn into a magnet, being a perfect gift for anyone and that has very little cost.

To make it you only need cardboard, magnets, photos, glue and scissors. To create them you must choose the photos and print them. Then place them on the magnet, making it fit as far as possible.

Later you paste it on a cardboard so that the photo has the appropriate consistency and the magnet. In this way it will not be damaged when handling it and it will be more resistant. Finally, you must put them on the magnet and stick it. You can make different personalized magnets.

These types of gifts with photos are an excellent way to remember another person and to give gifts both on special dates such as anniversaries, birthdays…, as well as at any other time.

In addition to the decorative and aesthetic character they have, they are also full of feelings that are reflected in the images, which on many occasions manage to awaken sensations from the past. Without a doubt, knowing how to make a gift with photos is something that should be taken into account.

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